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Drumming for well-being

Learn fun, powerful skills that a growing number of teachers, school counselors and health care professionals are using to teach social and emotional skills in a framework of contemporary drum circles. Beat the Odds, developed by researchers at UCLArts and Healing, has been demonstrated ….

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Oct. 24: Mindful meditation for cancer

Boost immunity, reduce stress, promote well-being and more with mindful awareness practices. For cancer patients, family members and friends, Saturday, Oct. 24, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. Presented by CCIM members the Mindful Awareness Research Center and the Simms/Mann Center for Integrative Oncology. Details and registration here.

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Oct. 25: Happy Endings: Re-writing Your Life

UCLArts and Healing offers a four-week workshop led by psychotherapist and writing consultant Rachel Ballon. Participants in “Happy Endings: Re-writing Your Life” will rewrite thoughts, attitudes and inner critics to transform negative life scripts into positive ones. Find details and register here.

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How stress fuels breast cancer

A study by researchers from CCIM member Cousins Center for Neurobiology of Stress and Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center was highlighted in the Los Angeles Times on Sept. 24. “Stress is bad. Breast cancer is bad. Put them together and things get even worse,” wrote reporter Karen Kaplan in “Rodent of the Week: Mice reveal how […]

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